Incredible Ghost Trick music video ⊟

Wow! This music video by sue composites pretty much every Ghost Trick character into a series of vignettes, united by Inspector Cabanela’s smoothest moves. I just, just replayed Ghost Trick over the holidays, and loved it again, and now I want to re-replay it. What a game that is. And yeah, there’s a lot of dancing in it. Credit to Hatsuu for the link!

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I really enjoy the dynamic nature of the characters’ movements, and the glimpses of a story.

Foxes, one of my four favourite animals.  (Turtles, Wolves, Foxes, Dragons, and Fantails.)   Don’t bother counting.






Forget me not

My favorite thing about Forget-Me-Nots is that they change color depending on the acidity of the soil so you can get pink or purple ones growing right next to the blue ones.


These are my favourite flowers.

Forget-me-nots also change colour after they become pollinated. It’s a sign to the insects to keep moving, and not to waste time there.

So a blue forget-me-not, once it’s been pollinated, may change to a pale pink to a white colour; which is another reason for such stark colour variations in small areas.

The more you know!

L shared this with me.